GC “ASOMI” produces strut mounts, struts, shock absorbers, coil springs, assembled units, the stabilizer of cross stability and other suspension components for cars VAZ, Renault Logan, Chevrolet Niva, Gazelle and other car brads.
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Appointmentofthe suspension

The main devices that protect the vehicle from the dynamic effects of roads and bringing oscillations and vibrations to an acceptable level, are the suspension and tires.


The main devices that protect the vehicle from the dynamic effects of roads and bringing oscillations and vibrations to an acceptable level, are the suspension and tires.

Car suspension, is the set of devices that connect the wheel to the car body. It provides a flexible connection of wheels in contact with the road surface and the body of the car with passengers and cargo, and also serves to transmit all kinds of forces and moments acting between the wheels and the body.

An elastic device is designed to reduce the dynamic loads caused largely by the vertical forces. The elastic suspension elements - in most cases it is cylindrical helical compression springs - provide the necessary smoothness and high-rise car position.

The presence of an elastic suspension device causes body and wheels movements Devices that provide damping of these oscillations are quencher elements of the suspension. These include shock absorbers and telescopic racks.

Transfer of longitudinal, transverse forces and moments of these forces happens through guide vanes of the suspension, which distinguishes them in constructive type for the dependent and independent. Guide unit of the suspension determines the nature of the wheels movement relative to the car body (the so-called kinematics). Modern designs of suspensions as well as guide vanes, put the task of ensuring the optimal position of the wheels relative to the road surface (kinematic quality), as well as maintaining good contact with the road when body movements (quality elastic and damping element).

Suspension of cars VAZ well represented in the operational, maintenance and other technical documentation, so here will be illuminated only its basic design features (for example, the VAZ-2110).

Front suspension

Independent front suspension with hydraulic shock absorber struts, screw coil springs, lower wishbones with stretch marks and stabilizer bar.

Structure of front suspension of VAZ-2110


1.    Strut assembly
2.    Nut
3.    Eccentric bolt
4.    Nut
5.    Steering knuckle
6.    Drive axis of front wheel
7.    The protective cover of the joint
8.    Outer joint of shaft
9.    Lower arm
10.    Ball-bearing
11.    Decorative disk (cap) of the wheel
12.    Hub
13.    Brake disk
14.    Protective cover
15.    Rotating arm
16.    Lower support cup
17.    Suspension spring
18.    Protective cover of strut assembly
19.    Dampener
20.    Upper bearing cup
21.    Bearing of upper support
22.    Upper strut mount

The guide device include: telescopic strut (1), lower arm (9) of the suspension, stretching, connected by a knuckle (5). Strut also performs the function of damping element.

The bottom of the strut connects to the steering knuckle 5 with two bolts 3, which ensures the camber adjustment. On the strut installed: twisted coil spring 17, a polyurethane buffer 19 of the compression stroke with cladding 18, the upper cup spring 20, and the upper strut mount 22 of the strut assembly with the bearing 21. The upper strut mount is attached with three nuts to the mudguard of the body. In the body of strut are installed parts of telescopic hydraulic shock absorber.

The lower part of the knuckle is connected with a ball bearing 10 to the lower of the suspension arm 9. Braking and traction forces are perceived by longitudinal braces which are connected through the rubber-metal joints to the lower arm and the front suspension crossmember. Stabilizer bar is a bar, where the knee through struts with rubber-metal joints are connected to the lower suspension arms. Medium (torsion) part of the rod is attached to the body via the brackets through rubber cushions.

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